Financial Assistance

The Society¬†offers limited and restricted emergency financial assistance to patients, their carers and healthcare professionals. Assistance is naturally limited to the Society’s ability to fund the ever-increasing requests for help in this area of its work; and by Federal law which restricts the funding of non-Australian citizens.¬†

Healthcare Assistance

The Gynaecological Cancer Society offers a range of services in the area of healthcare.

Information and Education Assistance

As its main information and education tool, the Society has developed the GCSQ Information & Education Programme. This web site forms the backbone of that programme and was designed to provide holistic, timely and authoritative information covering a broad range of issues related to gynaecological cancer. Although the programme is run by the Society, some […]

Emotional Support Hotline

Emotional Support Hotline – 1800 700 288 – Free-call Australia Wide The Society offers confidential emotional support and practical assistance advise through its Emotional Support Helpline. Staffed by specially trained gynaecological cancer past-patients, the Helpline is available 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday (24 hours 7 days Emergency) to all gynaecological cancer patients, their carers […]